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Parental Involvment

Parental involvement is key to us here at Cheadle Heath Nomads, as we seek to maintain and enhance the family ethos and sense of community that surrounds this wonderful old football club.

When we were formed, back in 1919, our founding fathers had a vision to build a sporting institution that was central to the lives of everyone in and around Cheadle Heath/SK8. And that vision is every bit as vital to us today, particularly given the unique and unparalleled set of circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage parents, carers and guardians to become part of the club at whatever level they wish, whether that be in voluntary roles, sponsorships, matchday roles, offering relevant industry experience… or just simply coming along to the ProSeal Stadium and supporting the Nomads’ three fantastic teams.

It’s your call. To find out how you could get involved and play your role in the Nomads success story, call us now on 07917 827 561!